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Why Affordable Legal Counseling For LGBTQ Community Is So Important?


Based on our experience, we have seen the legal counseling need among LGBTQ community members is very formidable. Based on that experience we have noticed the distress calls from LGBTQ community members are increasing day after day. Every week we receive at least 2 – 3 calls from the callers. These callers are seeking legal counseling and many of them have serious need of a legal counselor.

The members of the LGBTQ community experience different levels of abuse and trauma; that require special attention from legal counsel. The abuses of the LGBTQ community members include (but are not limited to) are as mentioned below: 

Emotional Abuse:

Members of the LGBTQ community in India often face emotional abuse manifested through rejection, discrimination, and isolation from family, friends, and society. We have observed that constant invalidation of their identities, ridicule, and derogatory remarks contribute to their emotional distress. Additionally, the lack of legal protection exacerbates their vulnerability. That emotional vulnerability leads to anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. This pervasive emotional abuse undermines their sense of belonging. It also perpetuates a cycle of internalized shame and self-doubt. That constant self-doubt impedes their ability to live authentically and thrive.

Physical Abuse:

Physical abuse against the LGBTQ community in India includes acts of violence such as assault, rape, and corrective rape. Corrective rape is a form of forced physical relation aimed at “curing” their sexual orientation or gender identity. This abuse extends to forced marriages, honor killings, and conversion therapy. In reality, all of these can result in severe physical harm. Public attacks, including beatings and mob violence, are also prevalent, often fueled by prejudice and hatred. Moreover, authorities may turn a blind eye to these crimes, perpetuating a culture of impunity. These daily threats of physical harm create a constant state of fear and vulnerability for LGBTQ individuals, hindering their freedom and safety.

Sexual Harassment:

Members of the LGBTQ community in India encounter sexual harassment in various forms, including unwanted advances, groping, and verbal abuse. Workplace discrimination often takes the form of inappropriate comments, unwelcome touching, or the denial of job opportunities due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Additionally, they face harassment in public spaces, such as streets and public transportation, where they may be subjected to catcalling, leering, and sexual assault. Fear of reprisal or further discrimination often silences victims, perpetuating a cycle of harassment and injustice that undermines their sense of safety and dignity in their day-to-day lives.

Economic Exploitation:

The LGBTQ community in India frequently experiences economic exploitation through workplace discrimination, unequal pay, and job insecurity. Many face barriers to employment due to prejudice, leading to limited job opportunities and lower wages compared to their heterosexual counterparts. Transgender individuals, in particular, often struggle to find stable employment and are relegated to low-paying, informal sectors of the economy. Moreover, they may face discrimination in accessing financial services such as loans and housing, further exacerbating their economic vulnerability. This systemic exploitation perpetuates cycles of poverty and marginalization within the LGBTQ community, hindering their economic stability and upward mobility.

How can you get our affordable legal services?

On many occasions, situations can get so out of control that only legal counseling from a seasoned lawyer can save someone’s life or reputation. This is the reason we have introduced our legal counseling platform One method would be addressing all the common questions via our YouTube Channel. On the other hand, the second method would be connecting you with affordable legal services. Here you would interact with the legal counselor directly via phone or online. 

Your identity would not be compromised and the beauty of that system is we don’t get to store any of your personal information. As of now, you can ask questions in two languages and these are English and Hindi. Presently, we are looking forward to supporting more diverse languages in the future. We are requesting you, please don’t contact us on behalf of ‘someone else’. A few ‘well-wishers’ out there try to abuse that service and create an unnecessary disturbance. Our request to all of them is, that legal counseling is a paid service. 

This is our platform and we can make it a success by spreading it like wildfire among LGBTQ community members. Our sincere request to you all please support the platform by raising your questions and queries. Apart from that, you can also promote the Smiling Rainbow LGBTQ Counseling platform among the members of the LGBTQ community. You can write your queries in to or call 917890893166 to book an appointment. Please don’t send your query via social media or WhatsApp for legal counseling