Emergency Counseling: I Am So Lonely! I Need To Talk To Someone!

Emergency Counseling - I am so lonely! I need to talk to someone!

“I Am So Lonely! I Need To Talk To Someone!” - Is That What You Feel Often?

Do you often feel lonely, isolated, or misunderstood? Do you often whisper in your ears -” I am so lonely! I need to talk to someone!” Do you wish you had someone to talk to who can help you cope with your emotions and find meaning in your life? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you may benefit from our emergency counseling service. That especially tailored service we are providing is available every day from 9 PM to 6 AM.

Our counselors are qualified professionals who have years of experience in dealing with various issues related to loneliness and mental health. They can offer you guidance, empathy, and practical strategies to overcome your difficulties and improve your well-being.

“I am So Lonely! I Want To Talk To Someone!” - Why Does That Thought Come To Your Mind Every Night?

Often you might feel anxiety at night. Probably you feel severe anxiety at night and can’t sleep properly. The reasons behind anxiety attacks can be too many or simply none. Yes, “anxiety for no reason” is also a reality. You might feel crippling anxiety when trying to sleep. Often you know the reason for that anxiety and on many occasions, you just don’t know. 

The reality is anxiety attacks while sleeping can cause serious health disruption. However question remains why every night do you feel “I am so lonely! I need to talk to someone!” During the night ideally, we are alone, free from distraction, and exhausted. All these situations spark stress hormones in us. 

From April to November 2022 we offered emergency free counseling at night and our experience was astonishing. Many of our callers were dealing with a breakup, many were having work stress or study-related issues. We didn’t address any serious legal matter or any person with suicidal thoughts. Since such cases required special intervention. However, we noticed often people just want to share their pain and it gives them immense peace of mind. It was an experimental initiative and we had to take it down due to fund constraints. 

Why We Are Offering Emergency Counseling At Night?

Don’t let loneliness take over your life. Anxiety, stress, and depression can result in debilitating insomnia. Usually severe anxiety while sleeping develops depression. Our emergency counselors help you to develop certain coping mechanisms for anxiety. But most importantly they would be there when you need them the most. They would listen to you compassionately and with our counselor, you will design your coping strategies for anxiety. Studies show people feeling depressed and alone at night need special intervention.

Benefits of 1:1 All-Inclusive Online Emergency Counselling In Night:

  • It’s online emergency counseling sessions via phone or G-Meet;
  • This specially designed service is available every day from 9 PM to 6 AM;
  • Your privacy will never be compromised by any means;
  • These highly affordable Tele counseling sessions start from Rs. 925 / hour (Non-Refundable);
  • You can book multiple sessions at a time;
  • Our service is available all week and 365 days a year.

If anxiety is ruining your life then we want to inform you that all you need is anxiety counseling. Anxiety can give you an overthinking habit and as a consequence, you can develop chronic insomnia. Most people with depression feel more depressed at night. Whether you are going through a life transition, a relationship problem, a loss, or any other challenge, our counselors are here to listen and help you find solutions. 

Please don’t stop your medication by considering counseling as a substitute for clinical mental health treatment. Our counselors can also refer you to other resources or services if needed. Feel free to share your suggestions and advice with us at: aimbee@smiling-rainbow.com. Please don’t seek free counseling via WhatsApp or Email. Keep following us for all the latest updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, X (Formerly Twitter), Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram.