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Palestine – Israel Conflict: 5 Facts LGBTQ Community Need To Know Before Taking Any Stance

Palestine - Israel Conflict: 5 Facts LGBTQ Community Need To Know Before Taking Any Stance

It’s been almost one month since we have been getting the horrific terrorist attacks on Jews in Israel by Hamas. Amidst the Palestine – Israel conflict when truth, ethics, logic, and morality are the frontline casualty of the war then what else do we need to know? Around the world when LGBTQ community members are picking sides left right and center what do we need to know?  Being members of the LGBTQ community we need to know 5 facts before picking any side in this Palestine – Israel conflict

1. Israel Normalized Homosexuality Even Before American Psychiatric Association

After years of studies in 1973, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed the diagnosis of “homosexuality” from the second edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). On the other hand, in 1953, the Attorney General of Israel issued a directive ordering and ordered police to refrain from taking any action against homosexual acts between consenting adults. Later, in 1963 the Israeli Supreme Court ruled in favor of homosexuality and decriminalised homosexuality between consenting adults in private. Finally, in 1988 the Knesset repealed the ban on consensual same-sex sexual acts between two adults. 

2. Israel Is The Only Middle Eastern Nation Where LGBTQ Rights Are Recognized

Israel is the only Middle Eastern Nation where many LGBTQ rights are acceptable. Here is the list of all the rights that have been granted to the LGBT community in Israel. In Israel, though same sex marriage is not legal same-sex relationship between consenting adults is legal. The age of consent is 16 and this is the same for both heterosexual and homosexual. Not only that, changing gender is permissible without surgery. LGBT couples can adopt child, and join the military. The community does not face any type of censorship they can live and work everywhere without any discrimination. As a matter of fact, any type of homophobic initiative including conversion therapy, and workplace discrimination is totally prohibited in Israel. No wonder Tel Aviv has emerged as the LGBTQ paradise of the Middle East.

3. Palestinians Openly Hostile Towards Entire LGBTQ Community

Meanwhile, Palestinians are openly hostile towards the entire LGBTQ community. Though left-wing libertarians support Palestinians, but the members of the LGBTQ community must know a few details. In Palestine homosexual community does not get any fundamental legal rights and all sorts of discrimination are socially acceptable. You really don’t have to dig the internet too deep to find numerous instances of atrocities against the lesbian, gay, and transgender in Gaza and the West Bank. The people of Palestine are terribly homophobic and time and again many surveys have proved the hate of the ordinary Palestinians towards homosexuals quite vividly. 

4. Hamas Executed Their Gay Commander Merely For His Sexual Orientation

In the Gaza Conflict “Gays for Gaza”, demonstrations around the developed world are getting attention. Mostly left-wing political parties are echoing that narrative and a portion of the LGBTQ community is supporting it blindly. At the same time here are a few information that we really need to know from different news sources. Let’s give it a close look. Hamas has been the undisputed ruler of the Gaza Strip since 2006 and they openly punish homosexuals. Despite immense Jew-hatred, many Middle Eastern Arabs seek asylum in Israel.

If you think this is the epitome of hypocrisy then you have not scratched the surface yet. In February 2016 Hamas executed their commander Mahmoud Ishtiwi in a classic manner by firing three shots in his chest. He was accused of homosexuality toppled with theft. Let’s not make it a right-wing vs left-wing issue. Rather, think logically about it. Being a persecuted minority who deserves your support the most. Another persecuted minority who protects your rights at any cost or the aggressors who do not spare a single opportunity to execute you.

5. Hamas Is The Ruler Of The Gaza Strip And Israel Provides Basic Amenities For Free

Many pro-Palestine news media always spread the news about how Israel is constantly occupying lands from Palestine. Meanwhile, very conveniently they fail to mention how Hamas is looting the ordinary people of the Gaza Strip. Hamas is the terrorist organization that violently seized power in the Gaza Strip in 2007. 

Since then, instead of basic amenities including water, electricity, education, and health the leaders of Hamas have used billions of dollars to fight Jews. That terrorist organization has developed a huge network of underground tunnels in the Gaza Strip. Those tunnels are their safe heavens and they have developed those tunnels right under civilian properties. All these Hamas tunnels in the Gaza Strip are open secret now. Though Hamas tried hard for years to keep it under wrap by executing journalists, activists, and social workers.

Finally, imagine you are a member of the LGBTQ community and are open about your orientation and gender identity. Now what would be your possible safe haven in the Middle East? Israel? Gaza Strip? West Bank? Or any other Middle Eastern nations? Please, do your due diligence before answering this question. Can you afford to burn all bridges? Should you support those who prefer to kill you just because of your sexual orientation and your gender identity? Should you support the genocide of your supporters? Please think a trillion times before taking any stance in this Palestine – Israel conflict.