Affordable Virtual Counseling Sessions For LGBTQ


Affordable Virtual Counseling:

Stress can be reduced, and stress can be controlled. All you need is a trustworthy confidante who would listen to you without being judgmental. On Smiling Rainbow LGBTQ Counseling platform we have been offering highly affordable virtual counseling sessions since February 2019. Since then, we have been serving hundreds of clients every year. Initially, we developed that platform for LGBTQ community members only. However, since April 2021 we started receiving calls from every section of the society and that was an overwhelming yet a great honor for us.

Why Online Counseling?

“I need to talk! I need to talk to someone!”

Are you feeling that urge right now? Do you think you have something to share? But you are afraid of being judged. Well, you are not alone, many people don’t seek mental health help for fear of judgemental opinion. Their stress causes anxiety and anxiety develops into serious health issues. For people like you virtual counseling is an excellent option. Online counseling offers you a complete blanket of privacy and you can seek that support sitting in the comfort of your home and, on your own terms.

Benefits of 1:1 Online Counseling:

  • We are offering online counseling sessions only via phone or G-Meet;
  • Your privacy will never be compromised by any means;
  • You can choose your sessions according to your convenience;
  • Our highly affordable Tele counseling sessions start from Rs. 325 / hour (Non-Refundable);
  • You can book multiple sessions at a time;
  • Our service is available all week and 365 days a year. 

Now you can share your every issue, your deepest darkest secret without the fear of “being judged”! Unlike the popular opinion, the reality is your secret is always safe with someone who does not know you personally. Because, in the real world your most trusted confidant can exploit your weakness. Therefore, it’s always advisable to find a therapist and get help from a professional counselor.

Never stop your medication by considering counseling as a substitute for clinical mental health treatment. Our counselors can also refer you to other resources or services if needed. Feel free to share your suggestions and advice with us at: Please don’t seek free counseling via WhatsApp or Email. Keep following us for all the latest updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, X (Formerly Twitter), and Instagram!