Breakup Counseling: Are You Dealing With A Breakup?

Breakup Counseling Are You Dealing With A Breakup

Are You Dealing With A Breakup? Are You Letting Go Of Someone You Love?

Are you dealing with a breakup? I mean really – Are you? What is your exact coping mechanism? Do you know, that studies show getting through a breakup is more of a physical process rather than an emotional one? Yes, your mind takes a huge blow while healing from a breakup. As a direct consequence, the mind redirects that punch to your body. Your body takes the blow in the form of stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine. These stress hormones increase our stress levels and stress causes anxiety. Crippling anxiety punishes us constantly. Then your mind starts playing tricks with the reality of breakup and it causes further pain to us. Every breakup trauma follows a specific path and you are not dealing with it differently. 

Are You Dealing With A Breakup Differently?

Most of the time people ask us a ubiquitous question and that is “Why me?” Are you asking the same question to yourself right now? Then our answer is – “No, you are not dealing with a breakup differently.” You are just getting over someone by following the exact design programmed by nature. What is that design?

Everyone getting over a breakup behaves the same way. You begin with an arrogant denial followed by monstrous anger. The next stage of a breakup is pleading and bargaining for reconciliation. That stage can be really dangerous. We often notice controlling partner exploits that stage viciously and that causes severe depression and sometimes even worse than that. Despite that level of adversity when someone navigates that unfriendly terrain successfully, only then they can finally accept the harsh truth of breakup. Breakup counseling helps you deal with breakup by helping you navigate. life or reputation.

Why You Should Seek 1:1 Breakup Therapy While Breaking Up With Someone You Love?

The stages of breakup are pretty exhausting and often people just can’t navigate through that unfamiliar terrain all by themselves. Our hearts are so much in love with the notion of love that often we choose to cling to even a toxic partner. Getting rid of a controlling relationship, and ending unhealthy relationships is always challenging. A therapist teaches you the process of healing after a breakup. A therapist teaches you all the things to do after a breakup along with things not to do after a breakup.

Benefits of 1:1 Virtual Breakup Therapy:

  • We are online counseling sessions only via phone or G-Meet;
  • Your privacy will never be compromised by any means;
  • You can choose your sessions according to your convenience;
  • Our highly affordable Tele counseling sessions start from Rs. 325 / hour (Non-Refundable);
  • You can book multiple sessions at a time;
  • Our service is available all week and 365 days a year. 

Dealing with a breakup can become a nightmare for many. A professional counselor just eases that situation by being there even during the odd hours of the day. Our breakup counseling sessions teach you to get over with someone. 

Please don’t stop your medication by considering counseling as a substitute for clinical mental health treatment. Our counselors can also refer you to other resources or services if needed. Feel free to share your suggestions and advice with us at: Please don’t seek free counseling via WhatsApp or Email. Keep following us for all the latest updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, X (Formerly Twitter), Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram.