How To Get Rid of Homosexuality?

How to get rid of homosexuality? Yes, I face that question as well. I can understand. Perhaps one of the most difficult things in this world is accepting your own sexual orientation. It gets more difficult when you’re not a heterosexual person, and this society always chases you with a tag. Yes, wake up early, since living in a homophobic society can be a nightmare.

What are the Differences Between Romance & Relationship?

Now imagine, like an expert Sushi chef, if you take the tiniest slice out of a huge chunk of a ‘romantic relationship’, then you should get an exact quantity of ‘romance’. So the question is – what’s the difference between ‘meaningful romance’ and ‘meaningful relationship’.

1 Lesbian Marriage & 10 Most Common Homophobic Questions

How often do you notice homophobia in your day-to-day life? How often do you encounter homophobic questions in your day-to-day life? Actually, all these questions started hitting my mind very recently when I was watching a lesbian marriage video on YouTube. That was a viral video where two young Bengali women were getting married following our own Bengali rituals and customs. 

Do you think, you are in a toxic relationship? Actually, I have noticed an extreme level of depression among the members of the LGBTQ community. Therefore, talking about that issue became so important to me. In my quest, I lent an ear to the people that I meet through my counseling sessions. On this article I am going to highlight few red flags that are the signs of the toxic relationship. 

Why Men Open Fake Profiles on Lesbian Dating Sites?

There is a particular percentage of men who create fake profiles on lesbian dating apps, and, unfortunately, that percentage is growing rapidly. One particular lesbian dating site I knew of (where administrators maintained regular and direct contact with members) disallowed Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi people as members because of this very issue. 

How to Arrange Meetup Events for the Closeted LGBTQ Members?

How to arrange safe meetup events for the LGBTQ community? That question strikes my mind when one of my community members asked me the same question. As we know, socialization is a very basic need, and that need should not be avoided. Since mental health-related issues are rampant among the LGBTQ community, and, I have noticed loneliness is one of the reasons behind that.