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How To Get Rid of Homosexuality?


How to get rid of homosexuality? Yes, I can understand, perhaps one of the most difficult things in this world is accepting your own sexual orientation. It’s more important when you’re not straight, and it’s significantly difficult when you live in a homophobic society.

Thanks to social media, the awareness level has increased by manifold within a very short span of time. However, the harsh reality is that as a society we are still homophobic, and making jokes about homosexuality is as common as it is considered acceptable in our society. Personally, I feel ashamed when I see my fellow social workers (who are extremely vocal about the movement in public) show the same level of insensitivity towards queers  in private. 

Under such circumstances, there are many who try to ‘get rid of homosexuality’ following ridiculous suggestions acquired from various sources; and, according to me, those are not as effective. However, the most effective methods that I am going to suggest to you all are tested methods. Therefore, you can test these methods by yourself. However, I am not going to give any assurance regarding the success probabilities of these methods.

1. "Just Pretend You Are Not A Homosexual!"

The very first thing you can do is “just pretend you are straight”. They want you to do this not only in front of others; you have to learn the critical art of pretending to yourself. 

Now, it might sounds like a very effective method; but, it’s really short-term process of fixing up an issue. Eventually, you are going to accept the real ‘YOU’ that lives inside you. After all how long someone can lie to themselves?

2. "Insult Homosexuals!"

One of my client was bullied by her female cousin in her early 20s when she was struggling with her own sexual orientation. Her cousin used to whisper in her ear “LESBIANNNN” to make her uncomfortable during different family reunions.

I asked her, “Why did you share your personal feelings with someone who is not a trustworthy person at all?

Her reply baffled me. She said her cousin had opened up about her own attraction to her (my client) first and so my client felt comfortable enough to open up as well. Later this cousin got involved with a man and tied the knot. Post her marriage the cousin thought she had the right to mock my client because marriage had ‘cured’ her sexual orientation.

However, that method was also short-lived; because, after 10 years of marriage, her cousin suddenly wanted to rekindle their relationship. Suddenly she was pretty supportive of the entire LGBTQ+ community. Now, what was the reason for that sudden change? Well, my client’s cousin realized she could not lie to herself or her husband anymore about her true sexual orientation. Presently, she is carrying the coffin of their marriage all alone.

3. "Date Someone of the Opposite Sex!"

Yes, thanks to societal pressure, many people who are attracted to the same sex (including bisexual and pansexual people) do date people of the opposite sex just to avoid revealing the truth. 

Now, the most adverse reality of dating like this is you are involving another person in your own mess. Continue the charade, and you will either have to get married or break someone else’s heart. I don’t know which one is more ‘convenient’.

4. "You Need A Psychologist!"

A pseudo-modern society will ask you to attend regular counselling sessions just to “cure” yourself. Personally, I know someone who went to a psychologist in her early 20’s to ‘change her sexual orientation’ and she was paying ₹1500 for each session. That counsellor promised her he could and would change her sexual orientation. There were many sessions. And guess what? She is in a live-in relationship with another girl and both of them are doing pretty well. Now all she wants is a refund from that psychologist.

5. "Go Consult A Psychiatrist!"

I can remember at least two incidents where a few clients of mine were so determined to deny their sexual orientation that, they even consulted a psychiatrist for medication. Yes. they did this to themselves.

Luckily the psychiatrist sent them to a psychologist, and after proper counselling, they were able to accept the truth. Presently, they are living much more peaceful lives with their inner truth. Yes, with their inner truth!


6. "You'll Be Cured If You Get Married!"

The most convenient step to ‘get rid of homosexuality’, is getting married.  Since, after marriage, no one will bother about your homosexuality.

I am not against that option but if you have to marry, then maybe marrying someone within the queer community will at least assure your safety in the bedroom. Of course, it does not mean you are immune to social pressure. After marriage, the next pressure your family will put on you is children!

7. "Have Babies!"


Recently, one of my clients informed me that she is planning for a baby. Exactly two years back, she got married under family pressure and that was a ‘Marriage of Convenience’. In popular culture we prefer to call it as MOC. 

For her own convenience she chose a gay bottom as her husband. According to her own consideration, since her would be husband is a gay man, therefore she is confident about her own ‘safety’. Back then in order to silence her family marrying a ‘bottom gay’ was the most convenient path for her (a top lesbian). 

However, now after two years of marriage, under social pressure, she is planning to have a baby. She is not alone. I have heard of many such scenarios where it seems ‘convenient’ for a while.

Once you have a baby, then homophobic society will say, “CONGRATULATIONS! Finally, you got rid of your homosexuality!”

Well, actually you’ll have to suppress your sexual orientation for the sake of your children at least for the next twenty-five years. You have to live this lie now many more years to come. This type of marriage of convenience in the LGBTQ community is a reality.

8. "Avoid Life!"

Sometimes family pressure can hit the roof, and then ‘home sweet home’ can turn into a metaphorical ‘gas chamber’.

I recall the story of two individuals who found an ingenious way to avoid the family crisis, and that is to roam the city till midnight, spending as little time as possible at home. Now, I am not sure whether you can change the status of your sexual orientation by following that way; but, I am sure you will definitely change the status of your health and safety. Sadly, you will be put in a situation where you have to choose which one is more important for you. Your life or this society?

I have seen many such community members who jumped into an ocean of all kinds of addictive substances just to ‘get rid of’ homosexuality. I don’t know either about the success ratio of that method as well, however, by following this method you’re sure to get rid of your life this way. No life, no tension of sexual orientation. No more question – “How to get rid of homosexuality?”


Recently a client of mine told me about a new drug that she has been taking. She introduced that drug to me as the ‘younger brother of Cocaine’. I was shocked and unable to comprehend this ‘escape route’.

The pressure to ‘be normal’ can become so much, and I have witnessed many such instances where queer people have, as a result, attempted to take their own lives. If you succeed in your attempt, then you shatter your near and dear ones. And if you don’t then you have to face everyone around you for the rest of your life. I don’t know which one is worse.

Our society can be so insensitive it can extract fun out of anyone’s misery. One woman I knew, attempted suicide by consuming phenyl. Overnight, people started to call her ‘Phenyl Aunty’. Yes, this is our society.

I am sure you have a fertile brain and you can come up with some more unique ideas. Therefore, I would urge you to come up with some ingenious ideas. If you feel that blog is worth reading then please like, share, and comment on the blog on the different social media platforms