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Why Men Open Fake Profiles on Lesbian Dating Sites?


There is a particular percentage of men who create fake profiles on lesbian dating apps, and, unfortunately, that percentage is growing rapidly. One particular lesbian dating site I heard of once (from my client) where administrators disallowed Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi people to join the site as free subscribers. In that platform admin maintained regular and direct contact with subscribers and paid subscribers were getting pissed off because of that fake profiles menace and finally admin resolved that issue very by blocking the men from these three nations. Though that’s not a recent issue, that happened 12 years back. 

Recent study shows most of the Gen Z have stopped using these dating sites. However, the question remains about why so many men open these fake profiles, and these are a few reasons I found:

1. Ignorance About Rules of Dating Sites:

The cruel reality of human civilization is this: it’s not just the enlightened, even the ignorant come in various shapes and sizes. And in this case, the ignorance is about how to fill up self-introductory forms required by dating sites. Many men don’t even follow the basic rules.

Here, the ignorant are mostly middle-aged men looking for a thrill online, and perhaps don’t have basic knowledge about the English language. Personally, I am ready to forgive them, and I often do. 

Then there are the young and educated who still making the same mistakes because have not bothered to pay attention to the details they are providing. They don’t want to waste time on the introduction procedure. I don’t know how to forgive these men, however, I can’t do anything else except avoid them. Though I do wonder what kind of attention they expect from others when they can’t even be attentive towards themselves.

Apart from these two types, there is a third type of Ignorant Man who is not aware of homosexuality. As a direct consequence, he ends up at different dating sites for that life changing auspicious ‘alien encounter’.

2. Arrogance About Sexual Orientation:

Arrogance is directly proportionate to our belief system. Now put that entire perception in the following manner:

“We know there is something called ‘lesbian’ but we don’t believe it. After all, two girls—what would they do with each other? Therefore, they are not lesbians, they are just typical heterosexuals in search of real men.”

Well! The definition of ‘real men’ could vary from ‘man’ to ‘man’. In my personal opinion, a ‘real man’ could be a ‘man who is physically strong’, a ‘man who is good in bed’, a ‘man who is economically successful’, a ‘man who has a soft feminine heart’, and so on.

The arrogant men making these fake profiles think that “a woman only claims to be a lesbian because she has not found the perfect man (like me) and now it’s my responsibility to match the shoe with the foot”.

3. Social Responsibilities Towards Queer Community:

This breed is made of self-proclaimed SAMAJ SUDHARAK (Social Reformer) and they actually believe their relentless effort can change a person’s sexual orientation. That’s why they pursue lesbian women. Initially, they are enormously persistent in their efforts to befriend with a lesbian woman. Then, what they do is an attempt at ‘reforming sexual orientation’. I came to know dozens of such men, from various professions, who claimed to have experienced for themselves ways in which homosexuals are becoming heterosexuals under ‘proper guidance’.

“What kind of future a girl can have with another girl? What would they do together? Can they have kids. Will society accept them? It’s against our religion and our culture as well. Therefore, in the best interest of humanity, they should convert. If everyone becomes homosexual then who would procreate and what will be our future as a species? As a species are we going to extinct for a mere mental health issue? Don’t you think that’s totally unacceptable?”

The above is actually the words of the IIT Alumni (happily married with two kids) who was pretty persistent in his job to convince me to give him the contacts of a few lesbian women for his evangelical mission. He was pretty confident that under his heavenly “guidance” these women will be “cured” forever. That’s altogether a separate experience better I should share some other day.

4. Directionless Sexual Fantasies:

There is a fourth type of man who is extremely clever but pretty predictable for me. Generally, they introduced themselves as “gay, outgoing, generous, and in search of ‘like-minded’ women only”. I have never seen any ‘lesbians who are outgoing and generous, still scouting dating sites for like-minded men”. In fact, it’s pretty much the opposite; many lesbian users mention on their profiles that they don’t wish to be disturbed by men (though it does not minimize their ordeal).

This fourth type, after initiating conversation, apparently change their sexual orientation and claim to be ‘open-minded bisexuals’. Now what? They might come up with any kind of permutation and combination from a list of their fantasies, and, if you are their friend, it’s your responsibility to become their ‘Santa’ as well, isn’t it? These type of men have a very unique kind of audacity and unfortunately they are simply increasing. 

5. Meaningless Homophobia:

Homophobic men are pretty straightforward, abusive, and as transparent as plus 200 and minus 200 (use your imagination) bi-focal glass. They open their fake accounts because they are lonely, desperately seeking the company of the opposite sex, but have failed miserably to impress any girl so far. And for them, it is the lesbians who are giving them such tough competition. Therefore, as an act of revenge, they open fake accounts and abuse lesbians in and every way possible.

These are the five reasons that I have identified so far. If you can find more than these five reasons, let’s get discussing! You can also promote the Smiling Rainbow platform in every way possible, such as, like, share, comment on every social media site. The purpose of this platform is providing affordable mental health therapy to the LGBTQ community members. Apart from that, it also arrange exciting and safe meetup events for the LGBTQ community members.